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Welcome to DowlingLegal.com, the home page for J. Michael Dowling & Associates, P.C.

Selecting an attorney might just be the most important decision you ever make.  Make sure you choose a firm that will put your interests first.

If you have been charged with a crime, the accusations against you almost certainly have your complete attention.  You need an attorney who will treat your legal matter like the single most important task he/she is facing.

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Who we are:

With more than three decades of litigation experience and a history of safe and satisfied clients, J. Michael Dowling & Associates, P.C. has as much to offer as any firm in Denver, with a unique personal touch.  Our offices provide a long-term commitment to client welfare and solid, professional representation.  Click here to read more about J. Michael Dowling and the firm's history.

What we do:

J. Michael Dowling represents clients in a variety of criminal cases before a wide variety of judges and magistrates.  In addition, he serves as general counsel for corporations and small businesses, and handles civil litigation in the realms of accident, personal injury, contract, commercial, and bankruptcy, among others.  Click here to learn more about the firm's practice areas.

Questions?  Click here to contact us, or call us at (303) 839-5538.

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